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Designed to last


MiniPoli Urban Grow Tunnels are the first multi-purpose grow tunnels on the market. MiniPoli urban grow tunnels are Designed to be highly versatile and easy to assemble while still being affordable. These innovative urban grow tunnels are made from the highest quality materials ensuring a long life with minimal maintenance.


MiniPoli grow tunnels are robust and sturdy while still being aesthetically pleasing so you can show off your home greenhouse with pride. MiniPoli Grow tunnels are small enough to fit into the average suburban garden but enough for an adult to move around freely. With their modular design, your MiniPoli Greenhouse can be extended to any size, depending on your personal growing needs.

Designed to last

Guaranteed Excellence


Every MiniPoli urban grow tunnel is built to the highest quality specifications, using only the best quality materials, from the galvanized steel frame and fittings, to the custom manufactured, thick wall PVC pipes and the industrial quality stitching on the tent coverings, you will always have peace of mind that your MiniPoli grow tunnel is durable.

Guaranteed excellence

You're In Control

MiniPoli grow tunnels are customizable, from the tent to the size, the option is yours. This versatility allows you to provide the best possible environment and protection for whatever you want to grow. You have full control.

Your Way
You're in control

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