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FabricPot Small/Medium/Large Tapered Set

FabricPot Small/Medium/Large Tapered Set


The Tapered FabricPot pot enhances root aeration, promotes healthier root zone, reduces temperature and prevents over watering. This set is ideal for transplanting your growing plant.

  • Specifications

    Small pot capacity: 1 litres.  Pot diameter: Top: 12cm, Bottom: 7cm.  Height: 11cm.

    Medium pot capacity: 2.6 litres.  Pot diameter: Top: 17cm, Bottom: 10.5cm.  Height: 15cm.

    Large pot capacity: 10 litres.  Pot diameter: Top: 26cm, Bottom: 19cm.  Height: 21cm.

  • Features

    Easy to re-pot because of its tapered shape. Washable. Very tough fabric. Light-weight and easy to move.

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