When you spend between R300 - R399 you get 1 FREE 50 litre FabricPot.

Quality, durable, sturdy and breathable, this 50 litre FabricPot is ideal for growing fruit trees or repotting to a bigger fabric pot. Re-potting to a bigger fabric pot will lead to a bigger root zone and thus bigger plant and larger yield. Using the 50 litre FabricPot will provide more than enough space for fruit trees if you keep them pruned and manage their potential growth size.

Spend R300 and Get 1 Free ⎮ 50L FabricPot no.6 with black handles

  • Grey Geotextile fabric with black handles.

    Capacity: 50 litres. Diameter: 33cm. Height: 46cm. Grey Geotextile fabric with double stitched black handles.

  • These sturdy fabric grow pots are made with a durable, breathable, Geotechnical fabric. 

    The breathability of the fabric provides an aerated, cool environment for your plants roots. Creating an improved overall root structure. Double stitched handles makes it easier to transport. Completely machine washable. Sturdy and keeps it shape. Very tough fabric.