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One of our FabricPot customers are on an exciting experiment with FabricPot's DaisyChainer. 

Whilst shopping in their local nursery, they bought several tumbler tomato plants, 

and have hung them in their DaisyChainer, creating a stunning, thriving, hanging vine of tomatoes.


FabricPot's customers have tried quite a few items in our 6 pot DaisyChainer. Flowers look beautiful, strawberries, lettuces, and courgettes also work well, 

but tomatoes look like they could be a winner.

(dwarf tomatoes would also work.)

FabricPot trellace15.jpg

The Trellis FabricPot is an excellent alternative for small spaces by offering maximum functionality in a minimal or limited space by taking advantage of wall space. 

A few months ago Delmarie was very excited when she purchased our trellis pots for her new home and was quite surprised how quick and easy it was to set it up on her own. After admiring her stunning wall garden she had to share it and sent these stunning photos to us. 

Classic, stylish, simplistic, creative . . . well done Delmarie!

The pots are designed with an inner and outer pot with back strap and a velcro strip. The outer pot is suspended by looping the back strap through the terrace and then held in place by the strong velcro strip. The inner pot comfortably sits inside the outer pot for easy plant care and maintenance.

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