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Bacteria Friendly

DaisyChainer is FabricPot’s unique new concept in vertical gardens.

This Vertical Garden arrangement was invented and developed by a couple of passionate and innovative guys who wanted to enhance the beauty of their surroundings in a manner that is environmentally safe, low maintenance, and inexpensive.

This creative concept enhances root aeration, promotes a healthier root zone structure, reduces temperature and prevents over watering.​

The DaisyChainer is an excellent creative alternative for small spaces providing the opportunity to grow your flowers, succulents, herbs or even vegetables.

The pots are designed with back strap and a velcro strip, allowing 12 pots with their inner pots to be suspended on a durable and strong enough plastic link chain. The chain is then easily threaded through the outer pots back strap and the chain link and held in place by the velcro strip. A back to back arrangement makes 12 pots an ideal amount for weight and aesthetics.

A spaghetti irrigation pipe can be threaded through links before hand if an automated system is required.
Attaching a water pump to the bottom submerged in 20 litre container of nutrient or plain water is the start of a simple drip feed hydroponic system. Or it can be connected to your existing irrigation system.

FabricPot DaisyChainer Vertical Garden
FabricPot Inner & Outer.jpg
Fabric pot on plastic link chain
Fabric pot Daisychainer pots.jpg

The pots are available in 2 sizes:

Small - 1.3 litre (12 pots Full Set)

Large - 4 litre (10 pots Full Set)

Half sets of each size are also available, which are ideal for smaller spaces.

Small Full Set Contents

  • x12 Inner pots and x12 outer pots.  x24 Pots in total.

  • x1 Plastic link chain, 2 meters long.

Large Full Set Contents

  • x10 Inner pots and x10 outer pots.  x20 Pots in total.

  • x1 Plastic link chain, 1 meter long.


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