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FabricPot Grow Bags


FabricPot's grow bags are the way forward in this more conscious growing world. Sustainable living and growing your own, is Healthy, Satisfying and Fun.

There are many benefits to using the new fabric grow bag technology, including the charming look of these wonderful aeration containers.
No more lifting heavy clay pots, no more water logging, ideal for apartment balconies, decks and indoor gardens.

The aeration properties of the FabricPot grow bag allow the roots to breathe which increases the health and growth of your plant.

Air pruning burns the roots off, encouraging ROOT PRUNING.

Good Drainage

AIR PRUNING  This occurs when the roots reach the side of grow bag, the root tips sense the air and re-focus their energy on growing side shoots.

Thus encouraging a stronger root ball by stopping the spiral roots from forming, which actually drains energy from growing plants.

This creates an improved overall root structure.

FabricPot grow bags are containers or planters,  fabricated from a breathable, flexible, Geotextile material.

Geotextiles are permeable fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain. 

This type of material is used for its characteristics of being porous to both air and water, which benefits all plant species allowing the roots to breathe and at the same time, inhibits the ability of root rot and disease. 


Air Pruning

GOOD DRAINAGE.  Drainage of your roots is essential when feeding and flushing. FabricPot's grow bags are permeable, therefore excess water will seep out of the pot. This eliminates the danger of overwatered plants.

The pots assists in keeping your root zone cooler, especially if the soil is damp. This is beneficial for a healthy root zone and growing plant. A black plastic pot can get several degrees  hotter than a FabricPot grow bag.

Cool Rootzone

COOL ROOTZONE.   Bacteria Friendly. When used in conjunction with mycorrhizal and trichoderma like treatments, beneficial bacteria thrive in a FabricPot as the root zone is cool, well aerated and healthy.

FabricPots are LIGHTWEIGHT, LONG LASTING, COMPLETELY MACHINE WASHABLE and once dried properly can be folded and stored until next season.

Velcro strips allows an easy and stress free way to transplant your precious plants, flowers or trees into the next size FabricPot.

Durable, Lightweight, Washable
POT SIZES.  FabricPots are available in many sizes, from; 1.8 litre right up to 154 litre and even larger tree pots of up to 500 litre can be ordered. Wall hangings, trellis pots, balcony hangers and much more available to view on our PRODUCT RANGE PAGE.

South Africa’s answer to healthy growing. 100% MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA.
FabricPot no.3, 2, 1 plants
FabricPot sizes
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