with irrigation system

This unique system is ideal for growing leafy vegetables and herbs, as well as spectacular flower displays

The pots come in 3 sizes;

Small - 1.3lt

Medium - 2lts

Large - 4lts.

Vertical Garden with Irrigation System Set of 4 includes:

  • x4 Inner pots and x4 outer pots with velcro for easy transplanting and gardening. Total of 8 pots.

  • x1 Pipe that the pots slide onto.

  • x4 Spray nozzles.

  • x1 Spring hook which fits on the pipe.

  • x1 Cap to seal the top end of the pipe.

  • x1 Threaded fitting for the bottom of the pipe.

  • x1 Quick couple fitting for your garden hose or irrigation system.

The sets can easily be joined together to form a taller system of 8 or more pots.

Made to order.  Contact us for price.

Spray nozzle on Vertical Garden with Irrigation System

FabricPot Inner Pot and

FabricPot Outer Pot.

Spray nozzle on Vertical Garden with Irrigation System.



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