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Fabric pot no.4 X2 Pack | 15 litres | FabricPot

Fabric pot no.4 X2 Pack | 15 litres | FabricPot


A pack of 2 no.4 fabric pots (15 litres) with velcro can be used for most medium size plants making it one of our popular size fabric pots.

  • Specifications

    Capacity: 15 litres. Diameter: 22.5cm. Height: 30cm.

  • Features

    These sturdy fabric grow pots are made with a durable, breathable, Geotechnical fabric. The breathability of the fabric provides an aerated, cool environment for your plants roots. Creating an improved overall root structure. Double stitched with velcro, making transplanting to larger pot easier. Completely machine washable. Sturdy and keeps it shape. Very tough fabric.

  • Packaging Dimensions

    40cm x 32cm x 8cm

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