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X6 Small Trellis Fabric Pot

X6 Small Trellis Fabric Pot


The Small Trellis FabricPot is the ideal pot for all your herbs and an excellent alternative for small spaces by offering maximum functionality in a minimal or limited space by taking  advantage of wall space. 

These trellis fabric pots are designed with an inner and outer pot with back strap and a velcro strip. The outer fabric pot is suspended by looping the back strap through the trellis and then held in place by the strong velcro strip. The inner fabric pot comfortably sits inside the outer pot for easy plant care and maintenance.

  • Specifications

    1.3 litres. 10cm x 10cm x 13cm.

    Includes inner and outer pot with velcro strip and back strap.

    Made from a durable, breathable, Geotechnical fabric. Double stitched with velcro, making transplanting to larger pot easier.

  • Features

    The breathability of the fabric provides an aerated, cool environment for your plants roots. Creating an improved overall root structure. Completely machine washable. Very tough fabric.

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